About Us

Velocity Sealants was created by two car care enthusiasts. Having been in the industry for years we noticed that prices were only going up for technology that was getting cheaper.

Our motto of "Protect your paint AND your wallet" is one we stand by. The awesome technology of Si02/Ceramic coatings that stormed the market just a few years ago has come down in cost just like any new technology. The difference of Velocity Sealants is that we want and do pass that savings on the customer.

But, more importantly, our Tech-Line of products are superior in appearance, versatility and ease of use to anything else on the market.



Velocity Gloss-Tech™ and Shine-Tech™ are Si02 based silicone/ceramic polishes designed for all vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs. Our formula is safe for every exterior and interior surface of your vehicle. Safely apply Gloss-Tech™ and Shine-Tech™ to clear coat paint, gel coats, matte finishes, glass, rubber, metal and plastic. Unlike traditional waxes and other coatings Velocity Gloss-Tech™ will not leave a residue or build up on surface transition areas like decals or seams.