Velocity Sealants is pround to have partnered with Cleen Rock One and formulate his own unique car care line!

The Cleen Car Line Up - Available Now!
Quick-Cleen: Si02 Infused Quick Detailer
Quick-Cleen: Si02 Infused Quick Detailer
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Cleen Out Shines the Competition


Our motto of "Protect your paint AND your wallet" is one we stand by. Cleen-Line of products are created using the best Si02/ceramic technology on the market. And like any technology, the cost has come down over time. The difference with Cleen Car Care Products is that we pass that savings on you, the customer.

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The complete line of Cleen Car Care products are formulated using the best Si02 on the market. Cleen wouldn't use anything else on his fleet, why should you?