Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about Velocity Sealant products.

Is Gloss-Tech™ / Shine-Tech™ permanent?

No, a full Gloss-Tech™ coating will last you up to and over 2 months or more depending on conditions. A full Shine-Tech™ coating will last about 2 weeks.

What is the difference between Gloss-Tech™ and Shine-Tech™?

Gloss-Tech™ is a two-step silicon/ceramic coating that appliles a layer of protection, gloss and hydrophobic properties to any surface of your car that will last for 2 months. Shine-Tech™ is a one-step quick detailer designed to remove dust and light dirt and apply a quick shine. Shine-Tech™ is best used to maintain a vehicle already coated with Gloss-Tech™

Is Gloss-Tech™ / Shine-Tech™ safe to use on any surface?

Yes! Gloss-Tech™ and Shine-Tech™ can safely be applied to any surface on your vehicle. Paint, gel-coat, rubber, metal, chrome, glass, matte finishes and decals can all be coated and protected. Gloss-Tech's may require slightly monger buffing on glass.

I can use Gloss-Tech™ / Shine-Tech™ on glass?

Absolutley, both products work great on glass and will provide you a clean, water repellant surface. Rain rolls off the surface, improving visability.

Do I need to wash my car first?

For your first coating, we highly recommend you wash and dry your vehicle. Our Wash-Tech™ car cleaner is a great way to start the process as it is also infused with the same silicon/ceramic formula. After applying Gloss-Tech™ to your vehicle you can just use water and a micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and road grime and bring that glossy appearance right back without having to wash your vehicle for up to 2 months or more depending on conditions.

Can I apply more than one coat of Gloss-Tech™ or Shine-Tech™?

Absolutley. Any additional application will build upon the previous one, extending the life of the coating and the gloss/shine appearance! Just wait 24 hours before applying another coat to allow the first coat to cure for best results.

Will Gloss-Coat™ or Shine-Coat™ leave a residue?

No. both coatings will not leave any residue build up. You can safely wipe over every surface including decals at the same time with no wax like build-up on the seams.

Is Gloss-Tech™ or Shine-Tech™ a wax or grease?

No, both products are water based. So there is no wax, grease or oils to be left behind on your vehicle.