Cleen-Wash: Pro Wash Pack

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This Combo-Pack gives you the standard Cleen-Wash™ kit + 10 Jumbo Pro Towels!


(1) - Cleen-Wash™ Advanced Si02 Infused Cleaner - 32oz Bottle

(2) - Dry-Tech™ 16" x 16" 350 GSM Micro Fiber Towels - Royal Blue

(10) - Dry-Tech™ 16" x 27" 400 GSM Large Micro Fiber Towels - Salon Black


Cleen-Wash™ is a professional grade hand wash formula designed to provide superior shine and water beading with just one wash. For added paint shine and protection, Cleen-Wash is infused with our Cleen-Coat™ Si-02 ceramic formula!

Cleen-Wash™ is designed to work with Cleen-Coat and Quick-Cleen™ by applying a beginning layer of our Si-02 Tech. Once dry, applying Cleen-Coat or Quick-Cleen to your vehicle will add to the protective layer, increasing the shine and hydro-phobic properties, thus extending the life of the coating. Cleen-Wash is DEA and NPE free with a neutral pH allowing safe use on any vehicle surface.

DRY-TECH Large Towels

High quality Dry-Tech™ Large microfiber towels. Our towels have a 400 GSM (grams per square meter) rating. These professional grade towels are 16" x 27" and are guaranteed not to bleed. Larger than our 16"x16" pack-in towels, these are perfect for drying off after Cleen-Wash or final buffing Cleen-Coat.