Gloss-Tech: Advanced Si02 Ceramic Coating

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(1) - Gloss-Tech™ Advanced Si02 Coating - 32oz Bottle

(2) - Dry-Tech™ 16" 350 GSM Micro Fiber Towels - Lime Green

Velocity Gloss-Tech™ is designed to replace all other car polishes including wax. Give your vehicle a mirror like shine with amazing Hydro-Phobic results quickly and easily with one application that will last up to two months. 

Velocity Gloss-Tech™ is a Si02 based silicone/ceramic polish designed for all vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs. Gloss-Tech™ is safe for every exterior and interior surface of your vehicle. Safely apply Gloss-Tech™ to clear coat paint, gel coats, matte finishes, glass, rubber, metal and plastic. Unlike traditional waxes and other coatings Gloss-Tech™ will not leave a residue or build up on surface transition areas like decals or seams.

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