Chemical Solutions

Velocity Sealants provides protective coatings, lubricants and sealants for transportation, construction, aviation and military applications.

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Sealants & Coatings

Velocity Sealants manufactures a wide range of silicone coatings that provide protection on almost any surface.


Velocity Sealants manufactures several  lines of cleaners designed for anthing from heavy duty degreasing to ready to use all-purpose cleaners.


Velocity Sealants has cleaning and polishing solutions for industrial equipment and surfaces like stainless steel and aluminum to concrete and stone.

Wholesale Chemical Supplier

Velocity Sealants specializes in providing large volume chemical solutions for any sized business.

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Premium Products

An Answer for Every Problem

Velocity Sealants produces a wide range of specialized chemicals including surfactants, acid replacement technologies, specialized polymers, fluorinated polymers, silicones, anti-bacterial and specialty blends that are used in many specialized products.


Environmentally Beneficial Chemistries

We create unique chemistries with distinct environmental benefits that allow you to reduce or eliminate solvents, VOCs and alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE) in formulations to meet current green standards.

What Customers Are Saying About Velocity Sealants

We are proud to provide our technology to a wide range of clients

“Our rental equipment is exposed to some of the harshest environments. Velocity Sealants coatings not only keep our equipment looking great but also protects the hoses, rubber seals and paint from oxidation and cracking.”

Generator Division

Ring Power

“Velocity Sealants product has made the appearance and maintenance of our commercial properties much easier. Their process also reduces wear in the harsh desert environment.”

Dubai Commercial Construction

AlNaboodah Construction Group

Our formulations meet or surpass the performance of those currently offered.

High Performance Products